Apply for a free weekend

Where permitted, clubs can nominate one weekend as unavailable for re-arranged league matches. Otherwise all weekends during the season are deemed to be available unless already filled by a League game, a fixture in an RFU National Competition or Final of the Senior County Cup.

Clubs should note

1) Clubs playing in 13/14 club leagues may not nominate any unavailable weekends - if your league does not appear in the list you are not eligible - other clubs may nominate one weekend in a season as unavailable

2) The nomination must be made a minimum of eight weeks before the weekend named but NOT if a match has already been rearranged for that date.

3) A League weekend may not be declared as unavailable (that includes the play off weekend)

4) Any application made will NOT apply to RFU National Competitions or County Cup matches - only League Games

5) Do not wait until you get a postponed game - as soon as a tour is booked or a wedding arranged - use this form!

6) There is no need to declare the 23rd/24th December or 30th/31st December as the SW has declared them as exempt weekends when no games will be scheduled.

7) Easter Weekend is NOT a free week unless you nominate it

8) Separate Nominations are required for each of a club's teams (eg 1st XV, 2nd XV etc)

Once approved details will appear here

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