Covid-19 Protocol

While many restrictions have been lifted the virus still presents some very real challenges as we look to run a meaningful competition for the season 2021-22.

At the centre of everything is player welfare. We do not wish to compromise their safety nor put them in situations where they feel uncomfortable. However we must always be mindful that unfortunately in any competition of this size there will always be some who seek an advantage.

The South West Competitions Committee alongside the RFU has adopted a protocol which clubs must follow if they believe they cannot fulfil a match due to the effects of the virus. As soon as you believe a match may be in danger you should complete this form and email it to the SW Co-ordinating Secretary Mike Gee at

The matter will then be looked at by a group within the SW Competitions Committee. Where a decision to re-arrange the game is made it will be dated for the next available weekend 14 days after the original date. This is because any player testing positive has to isolate for 10 days so selecting a date seven days away is likely to mean the same issues with re-staging the game.

In an effort to reduce the risk within your squad the SW is making the following suggestions.

Encourage all your squad to get vaccinated. As well as reducing the risk of infection it also means if a fully vaccinated player comes into contact with someone testing positive they do not need to isolate if they test negative. This will reduce the effect on your squad if one player catches the virus.

Furthermore, clubs might like to consider asking all players to take a Lateral Flow Test either on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning of a match day. Test kits are available for free from many high street chemists.

29 Aug 21