Role of a Nominated League Contact

The following information may help you in your role, if you were not already aware.

We send all communications from this office to each club’s NLC – with the exception of registration printouts following new registrations – these are sent to whatever address is put on the SAE.

What we send Fine letters – sadly sanctions have to be imposed from time to time if results are not phoned in by 5.30pm or the result card is not completed no later than the Monday evening after a game. If you receive a fine letter your club has either 14 days to pay it or seven days to appeal to the South West Co-ordinating Secretary (enclosing an appeal fee of £50). In the admin office we do not have discretion over the imposition of the fines – and we take no part in the appeal process. Clearly a frivolous appeal will be rejected, but a well argued case will be listened to.

Newsletters – we send these from time to time during the season. The number varies because we only send one when we have something to say. Please read these carefully, they give valuable tips to make your job easier. Points deductions – should it be necessary to deduct points from your club, the initial letter informing your club will be sent to you. It will state why the deduction is being proposed and your options for any appeal.

Your responsibilities As NLC you are the link between the administration in the South West and the players on the park. If we send you something, your club is deemed to have been informed. It is therefore vital that you pass items or information on to those within your club who need to know. Your primary contact with the league administration should be through your league secretary – whose details appear on the website. There is also other useful information on the RFU website ( or the South West site ( We also welcome calls during business hours on 01822 678 272.

Change of official If you retire as NLC please ensure your successor lets us know via the website. As each club is invited to choose its NLC we cannot tell from amendment sheets sent by Twickenham who we should be sending items to as not every club uses its Club Secretary as its NLC.