Ways to report your results

The timely reporting of your match result is vital to the smooth running of the English Clubs Championship.  Until all the scores are collected we cannot complete the updating of league tables, circulate the information to the media, prepare the mail out for clubs or deal with any re-arranged games.

There are a number of ways you can report your score – please use one of them – there is no need to use all of them each week.

By telephone

You can ring 01822 678 007.  There is a queuing system so if you get the ringing tone please hold on.  At peak periods calls may overflow to a voicemail service and you can leave your score there.  Please remember to give the score the correct way round – the home team first – and if the score is over 20 by either side we need to know the number of tries scored.   The results are entered in alphabetical order so there is no need to state the League name.

By SMS Text Message

You can text  the score to 07797 800102 – again remember to put the home team first and the number of tries if the points score is over 20.

 General points

Ø It is always the home team’s responsibility to report the result of any League game. This must be done by 5.30pm.  If a match is running late and you will not be able to meet this deadline you MUSTphone before 5.30pm to advise of the delay and a likely finish time.

Ø If a match is not played for any reason, eg due to the weather, unavailability or lack of a match official this should be reported no later than 3.30pm. (Again this is the home team's responsibility.)

Ø If a match is abandoned the reason, the score at the time and the number of minutes played must be reported as soon as possible.  Please remember the “60 minute rule” ONLY applies to games abandoned due to worsening weather.

Ø Please have details of the tries scored, if applicable, when you call – we do not have time to wait for you to go off and check.  Please also check you have the correct score.  Amending scores later in the day is very time consuming.

Ø   Please do not ask for other team's scores, however tempting it may be. It jams up the lines for others.